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What is the use of different releasers and what are the specific functions?

【 summary 】 to release, to the degree of familiar with and understand, if you want to achieve a comprehensive and specific, and deeply, then, there are a lot of knowledge content, waiting for us to learn and master, and the involved some problems, also can't let go, because, it is also an important part.So, next, the latter, and the question and answer, so that you have a good learning effect.


1. Do you have to install the human static release device in the distribution room or electronic instrument room?

This words, is to see the actual situation and requirements, if, only the general transformer room or electronic instrument room, then, is not need to install the human body static electricity release, because there is no the necessity.And if, is some high-end equipment, or use the demand is higher, then, is the need to install the release, because, the human body's own electrostatic, is can damage components, so, to install the release, to avoid the problem.

2. Anion release, can it be used to purify air?

Release, negative ion release this one, it can be used to purify air, because, this kind of release, is the ability to produce a high concentration of small particle size of negative oxygen ions, thus, to the indoor air purification, achieve expected purpose and effect.So, on this question, the answer is yes.Moreover, it is also very good in use.

3. In the transformer, is the use of the pressure release device on the explosion-proof tube and the pressure release device, and can only select one of them?

In the transformer, if the pressure release device is used, there are usually explosion-proof tube and pressure release device.As for their use, they can be used alone or at the same time, and there is no provision that only one of them can be used.Specifically, it depends on the requirements, because it's up to it.

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