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What's the past of the reciprocating mud scraper

With the continuous progress of the society, the current waterworks, have been used machinery, instead of artificial, in terms of its employees, it is inevitable that the use of mud scraper, for the use of such equipment, there is no need for people to wear heavy waterproof clothing, toss for three or four hours to clean.


When it comes to the passing of the reciprocating mud scraper, the main thing is to use the sewage treatment plant in the city, the water plant, and then in the circular sedimentation tank with larger diameter in the industrial wastewater treatment, to remove the sludge under the bottom of the pool and to remove the scum on the pool surface. Class. As mentioned above, the use of scraper not only reduces the workload of employees, but also improves efficiency. It is indeed a good machine.


The reciprocating scraper is composed of a power device, a lever power transmission system and a scraper device. Its power device, like its name, is used to output power, and the leveraged power transmission system is a link device. It is the junction of the power device and the scraper, which is used to transfer the energy of the power device to the shaving machine, because of the function of the lever power transmission system, the device is kept at the bottom of the pool. In this way, the purpose of sludge removal can be achieved.


In the current market, the reciprocating shaving machine is a more advanced mud scraper. In terms of traditional equipment, it requires heavy traction chain, but now the new type of leveraged power transmission device is more flexible and convenient than the traditional traction device, and it will be more efficient and more efficient. When used, it is convenient for us to carry out maintenance, which greatly improves the service life of the machine.


For the maintenance and maintenance of the reciprocating slime scraper, we should pay attention to check the parts of the equipment to avoid the loosening of the equipment and ensure the sealing state of the device. In these respects, the working state of the reciprocating mud scraper equipment can be guaranteed to full level in the future.

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