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Working principle and overload protection device of full bridge type peripheral drive scraper

The whole bridge type peripheral drive scraper mainly adopts intermediate water inlet and mud discharge during the production process, and the surrounding water is drained, so that the water flow uniformity can be effectively ensured, and the liquid level difference self-suction type mud discharge is utilized. During operation, there will be a scum scraping removal device and an overload protection device, which is mainly used for the round sedimentation tank of the sewage treatment plant during operation, and the full bridge type peripheral drive scraper will scrape the sludge deposited on the bottom of the pool. The mud pit to the bottom of the pool and the scum of the pool surface are smashed to the slag collection bucket for further processing.


The sewage of the full-bridge peripheral drive scraper will be effectively diffused from the inlet pipe in the center of the pool through its guide tube, so that it can flow out uniformly to the periphery, and the suspended sludge is deposited and deposited. At the bottom of the pool, the supernatant liquid is discharged from the overflow tank through the overflow raft, and the sludge scraper is scraped from the pool to the center collecting tank, and the water pressure in the tank is discharged outside the tank through the drain pipe. The main beam is driven by the peripheral driving device, and the central rotating support is used as the axis to drive along the top of the pool at a line speed of 2.0 m/min. The lower part of the main beam is connected with a bracket and a sludge scraping board.


The full-bridge peripheral drive scraping machine effectively extends along the central steady flow cylinder to the hinged scraping slag. When the main beam rotates, the scum scraper scum the liquid surface scum from the center of the pool to the pool circumference, and is collected in the hinge type. In the scraping slag area, the collected scum is moved to the slag hopper with the main body in the pool, and is scraped into the slag hopper by the hinge action of the slag slag and discharged to the outside of the pool.


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