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Working principle and performance characteristics of air flotation system

The dissolved gas system is a key part of the whole air flotation process, and the quality of the microbubbles generated by the dissolved gas system directly affects the air flotation effect. The dissolved gas device is a dissolved gas tank, and the air is dissolved in water under a pressure of 3 to 5 kg/cm 2 . After the pressurized water passes through the releaser, the dissolved water is released by the energy release, and the water will release excess air, so that small bubbles are naturally formed when passing through the liquid, and the bubbles are very small, and its diameter is about 5-20 microns.


The diameter of the dissolved gas tank is between 300 mm and 800 mm. The air enters the special air pulverizing device in the dissolved gas tank through the intake pipe, and is fully mixed with the return water. The pressure of the dissolved gas tank can be controlled at about 3.8 Bar. There is no need for on-site monitoring by the operator, and the equipment can run smoothly on its own. No need to adjust the level adjustment, no automatic control is required. To achieve automatic control, you only need to control the switches of the air compressor and the return water pump.


The dissolved gas system accounts for 50% of the energy consumption of the air floatation process. Optimizing the design of the dissolved gas system is very important to reduce the cost of air flotation operation. Among them, the gas-liquid multiphase medium pump can generate a large number of stable microbubbles with a diameter of 30 μm or less, which is beneficial to improve the air flotation efficiency. It replaces the dissolved gas tank, air compressor and releaser in the traditional dissolved air flotation system, which reduces investment costs and reduces noise, and is gradually being widely used in air flotation equipment.

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