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Working principle and structural characteristics of dissolved gas system

In the process of using the dissolved gas system, it can effectively remove solid suspended solids, grease and various gels in various industrial qualified municipal sewage, and is widely used in breeding, slaughtering, food processing, electroplating, chemical, papermaking. , oil refining, tannery wastewater, etc.

Working principle of dissolved gas system

The dissolved gas water produced by the dissolved gas tank of the dissolved gas system can effectively enter the water to be treated through its release pipe, and the small bubbles slowly rise and adhere to the impurity particles, so that the specific gravity is less than The floating body of water floats on the surface to form scum, and then the scum is removed by a scraper, which sinks to the sediment vertebral body more than water, and is intermittently discharged into the sludge tank. The main body of the device consists of a dissolved air pump, a gas-water separator, a flocculation chamber, an air-floating contact chamber, a separation chamber, a sedimentation vertebral body, and a sump.

Structural characteristics of dissolved gas system

1. The high-efficiency vortex gas tank specially made by the dissolved gas system dissolves the gas in water and releases it under reduced pressure to produce fine bubbles in the water. The particle size of the fine bubbles is about 20-40 μm, which is more conducive to adhesion to the flocs.

2. Due to the loose conditions required for flocculation, the amount of flocculant can be saved.

3. The purification effect is more obvious than the pressurized dissolved air flotation.

4. Easy to adjust during operation, stable process, no need for special management.

5. Overcome many problems such as unstable operation of the traditional air flotation device, large air bubbles and blockage of the release head.

6. Since the air flotation process is an aerobic process, the odor problem caused by the sludge is well

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