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According To Xinhua The Ministry Of Finance And The Ministry Of Industry And Information, The General Administration Of Customs, State Administration Of Taxation, And Four Departments Recently Jointly

Emergency monitoring car the scene of the accident made the difference on March 29, 2005, a car loading 40 tons of liquid chlorine tank car in shandong province in the beijing-shanghai expressway huaian segment and the other one shandong truck collided, leading to large liquid chlorine leakage. In the face of this sudden pollution incident, jiangsu province immediately launched environmental monitoring emergency plan: atmospheric all-around emergency monitoring car speeding from more than 200 kilometers to the nanjing rushed to the scene, started the continuous air automatic monitoring system, fast monitoring out of the field chlorine concentration, chlorine gas diffusion scope and chloride

The gas safety area, etc., for emergency rescue command timely make emergency rescue plan and provide reliable basis.

On December 1, 2005, the jiangdu chemical storage within 5.5 tons of high toxic chemical raw materials acrylonitrile of tank explosion fire. After the incident, the jiangsu province environmental emergency monitoring personnel immediately rushed to the scene, using atmospheric all-around emergency monitoring the infrared gas analyzer, the accurate monitoring out of the toxic gas concentration and diffusion scope, make pollution field control proper, disposal timely, no cause environmental pollution accident.

Since 2005, jiangsu province has a territory of three up water pollution incident, the provincial environmental emergency monitoring department rapid start-up water environmental emergency monitoring car, in the shortest possible time arrived on the scene. According to the characteristics of water pollution, which started the rapid routine monitoring system and poisonous and harmful material monitoring system. The quantitative and qualitative analysis of the water pollution accident reasons for rapid lock hit and source, control pollutant continue to intrusion and control pollution range, to win the precious time.

These two value of more than 600 ten thousand yuan of water and air field emergency monitoring car, is jiangsu province government to establish environmental emergency monitoring system and special equipment. In 2006, jiangsu province will also import two table this site emergency monitoring car, in order to progress enhance water and air the ability of emergency monitoring.

Environmental monitoring capacity building all pay by the government, the budget increases year by year

To cope with the sudden environmental pollution incidents, jiangsu province construction and standardization in environmental monitoring team as a turning point, in the total capital of 560 million yuan, strengthening the environmental monitoring capacity building. So far, jiangsu province environmental monitoring center and the 13 secondary station, 66 level 3 station standardization construction, already all through the country acceptance, becomes the first built environment monitoring station standardization provinces.

Through vigorously developing the standardization construction, make the environmental monitoring in jiangsu province team generally strengthened. Now, the environmental monitoring station at all levels are full funding institutions, monitoring funds increasing year by year, the monitoring system of financial appropriation by 1995 yuan, added to the current 31.91 million yuan. Environmental protection business subsidies also to increase 18.79 million yuan from 32.7 million yuan. From through the acceptance of the various cities and county monitoring station to show, at present average per person on financial allocation are more than 10000 yuan of above, environmental protection subsidy funds and financial appropriation two the sum (does not contain large instrument equipment costs), sunan area has reached or exceed 30000 yuan per capita, and northern jiangsu area also reach or exceed 25000 yuan per capita.

Environmental monitoring standardization construction make emergency monitoring capability is greatly enhanced

At present, most of the city in jiangsu province, county monitoring station monitoring equipment, has reached domestic advanced level, monitoring capacity has covered the national standard of all monitoring project, realize the analysis project unification, data precision. Due to the atomic absorption and chromatography two big series instrument configuration, jiangsu province in heavy metal analysis, trace element analysis and volatile organic pollutants and the analysis of the semi volatile organic compounds have greatly enhance the ability, marking the monitoring analysis technology development to a new stage. At present, the monitoring system were equipped with large equipment 99 (set), the other instruments such as domestic atomic absorption, gas chromatography and COD quick tester, totaling 1235 sets; Equipped with monitoring car more than 100 vehicles. Most of the monitoring stations at or above the county level with gas chromatograph and other large equipment. Among them, the provincial environmental monitoring center equipment level has reached the leading domestic level.

Through the environmental monitoring in jiangsu province standardization construction, make emergency monitoring capacity significantly enhanced. At present, the province various cities, county environmental monitoring station has generally reach or exceed the standardization station prescribed 178 items (standing at or above the county level 125 items), project opening rate is over 95%, suzhou, xuzhou, nanjing above 130%. Provincial environmental monitoring center also form all kinds of monitoring capacity of 340 items, the biological monitoring, organic monitoring and pollution accident emergency monitoring capacity was obviously improved. At the same time, the various cities and counties also use of the existing equipment advantages, according to local environment pollution characteristics and the need of environmental management, actively expand characteristic monitoring project. So far, the water quality automatic monitoring station built a total of 22, 6 taihu lake in and out of the river water quality automatic station and xuzhou, eight drinking water source area of automatic monitoring station; Automatic air quality monitoring station built in 100, is the construction of air automatic monitoring station 17. 13 municipalities and part of the county (city) to realize the air quality weekly, daily and forecast, some cities and counties to drinking water realized the ten-day measurement, weeks measurement.

Make money province, fully to speed up the emergency monitoring system construction

Through the environmental monitoring in jiangsu province standardization construction, comprehensive increased the emergency monitoring system input. To establish and perfect the "the government as the main body, plan column a little, financial dial the point, the environmental protection department out a bit, local supporting a little" grading input mechanism. Clear the government for investment main body. In 1998, jiangsu province make 11.5 billion yuan ($), used for pollution control and environmental monitoring, including infrastructure construction, and by the provincial finance arrangement each year 5 million yuan for the environmental protection departments at the provincial level of ability construction. In 2003, the provincial party committee, the provincial government and decided to invest 173 million yuan, to speed up the environmental emergency automatic monitoring system construction. To establish the provincial environmental monitoring station standardization construction fund, provincial, city and county classification established the pollution control fund, every year in whole province at present pollution prevention and control the size of the fund has more than 100 million yuan. To establish the provincial environmental protection science and technology development fund, from the province sewage charge 80% concentration 2%, used for environmental scientific research and development, of which a considerable portion is used for monitoring technology development and research. In the use of environmental monitoring station standardization construction fund, local finance must press 1:1 matching funds, not only to mobilize the enthusiasm of the local investment, and expand the use of the fund scale.

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