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Dissolved Air System Precautions For Operation

 Dissolved Air System Flotation can be used to deal with the waste water generated by life, but also can be used to deal with industrial waste water. Specific treatment to be used to produce bubbles of the device. Different devices have their own advantages. Such as electrolysis can produce bubbles, with about 10v voltage in the sewage pool inside the power, in the electrode plate will produce bubbles, uniform bubbles will absorb the sewage inside the pool of suspended particulate matter and other waste, to achieve the purpose of sewage treatment. It should be noted that the electrolysis method of sewage treatment of the power consumption is particularly large, not suitable for large in large area of the sewage pool operation.

   Dissolved Air System In addition to electrolytic air float, but also aeration way to deal with wastewater. The second method is to store the sewage in the pool can be placed in the bubble generation tube, the other end of the diffusion tube connected with the outside world, can continue to external air compression, and then rushed into the sewage pool, the formation of bubbles evenly dispersed in the pool , To achieve the purpose of air purification purification of sewage. Can also be used in the sewage tank to produce bubbles in the sewage pool to deal with sewage, such aeration method of professional requirements is not high, suitable for a large number of wastewater treatment.

  Dissolved Air System Dissolved gas method commonly used in the air treatment, the outside air can be integrated into a variety of ways through the sewage pool, such as sealed in the top of the sewage pool, and then apply pressure, making the air into the sewage pool, to air flotation the goal of. Can also be recycled into the tank in the sewage tank, pumping out the air tank, making the air pressure drop, the air in the sewage because the external pressure will continue to spill, to create bubbles, resulting in air flushing effect. This approach is very demanding on the equipment, and technical conditions are more harsh, suitable for more sewage, and not easy to deal with the selection of enterprises.

 When using the air flotation machine in winter, the operator should check the water intake at the time of work every day. If the ice is frozen, it should be cleaned up immediately to avoid the abnormal operation of the machine. Before going to work to carefully check the pump, found to be running when the insomnia should be considered to add lubricants. Should also check the tightness of the filler, check the valve tightness, check the air compressor oil, if the oil significantly reduced, need to re-filling.

 Dissolved Air System Before the start of the winter, please carefully check the valves and pipes, check whether the valve is in the correct switch so far, whether there is ice, check whether the pipeline is blocked, whether there is leakage of living bending. Storage of coagulant storage tank is also the focus should be checked before the start of the equipment, the main inspection is to observe whether the freezing and alive, regular inspection should also take samples to do the sample analysis to determine whether the coagulant anomalies.

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