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Dissolved Air System Simple Structure, Compact Size

one. The dissolved gas system provides efficient and stable dissolved water for flotation equipment. Mainly by the dissolved gas tank, dissolved air pump, air compressor, electric control and pipeline composition.

two. Features

          1, simple structure, compact size

          2, high efficiency, the effect is stable

          3, electronic control is simple, safe and reliable. High degree of automation, remote control can also be local operations

          4, the dissolved gas system can be based on different characteristics of the sewage, air flotation in different treatment process position, by adjusting the dissolved gas pump, jet, release device, so that the whole system can be very good and sewage treatment process, sewage water quality Match. Can maximize the efficiency of the dissolved gas system, can greatly improve the efficiency of sewage treatment.

Third, the working principle

  The dissolved air system adopts the principle of jet suction. At the working pressure of about 0.3-0.5Mpa, the high-speed movement of the water in the mixing pipe through the nozzle, so that a large amount of air is sucked in the shortest time and cut into high-speed in the mixing tube. Microbubbles, and then maximize the water into the formation of supersaturated dissolved water. And through the subsequent decompression of the release of a large number of diameters of 20-50um in the micro-bubbles, and the flocs in water combined to form a stable folder flocs, floating together to the surface to complete the separation of floc.

Dissolved air flotation machine in the process of working mainly in the use of water under different pressures of different solubility characteristics of the dissolved air flotation machine on all or the water to be treated and pressurized and aerated, effectively increased The amount of water in the air.

Dissolved gas system in the course of the work by adding coagulant in the water, in the case of atmospheric pressure can be released, the air will precipitate to form small bubbles, in the course of the main adhesion to the impurity on the cocoa, which will directly cause The overall density of the floc is less than the water and rise, so that the solid liquid can be separated.

The dissolved gas system is very suitable for low oil content, high chroma, low surface active material and high organic content in the use and treatment process. Compared with other flotation methods, the dissolved gas system has a high hydraulic load and a compact body Etc.

Dissolved gas system in the pressurized conditions, the air solubility is relatively large, the entire equipment supply air float the number of bubbles, so that can effectively ensure that the air float effect, the dissolved gas effectively through its sudden decompression release, so It will produce bubbles not only fine and relatively uniform particle size.

Dissolved gas system in the use of the process of its floating stability, in the course of the use of the liquid for the small disturbance, therefore, such equipment is particularly suitable for loose flocs, the entire process and equipment is simple, low cost of equipment and have a comparison Large energy savings.

Dissolved gas system covers an area of small, the unit area of water production is relatively high, the equipment scum moisture content is low, in the course of the use of continuous scraping scrap, used to remove solid suspended solids in sewage, Things.

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