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Residential Environment Low Carbon Equipment: Garden Ornament Life

The traditional Chinese garden is the core of the residential culture. House and garden topic, and the natural co-existence relationship of ecological philosophy proposition. The trees and sunshine, air and water are regarded as city real aboriginal, let the humanistic value penetration design, "the nature also you", a home face, temperament and content will be very intoxicated.

Such as guangzhou people the pursuit of private garden already in the xiguan big house and dongshan houses appeared, only those but person bright garden, Kui garden, spring park, knee garden, JianYuan, scenery is no longer, a few into memory. With more and more buildings such as vanke? The fifth garden, the garden life dream reduction to people, garden is no resist the temptation, increasingly arouse people to vision of the quality of life.

WangShouZhi professor had not anxiously said such a sentence: pearl river delta is actually absolute Chinese, where hills landform of aspect, mulberry fish ponds everywhere. However, over the years, with a large number of residential development, in the worship of the superficial atmosphere, a large amount of flashily construction has made great changes took place in the landscape, the Chinese emotional appeal all gone close to the situation. Standing there think: we can put the garden and residential united together, will be able to major in the west of the development of modern living form and the Chinese traditional architecture, the traditional garden feeling together? Isn't that a little almost dream?

In many of such housing form disappointed at the same time, a lot of stylist in the crack is found to continuously explore, nationality and originality in the Oriental artistic conception, cleverly used in modern landscape design. Fully engaged in household design more than 20 years of famous interior designer Minkun Li among them. He for residential landscape present situation and the future development trend about their point of view.

Trend one: landscape design can be r can swim

The traditional Chinese garden, whether on behalf of the north style of royal garden, or on behalf of the jiangnan style of private garden, are stress in relief and build, strive to reproduce the natural style. In traditional Chinese garden, land, water, plants and building the four basic elements of is missing.

About the Chinese landscape garden, Minkun Li a such argument: from China's song dynasty scenery painting formed a set of harmony between man and nature, and the inhabited can swim aesthetic artistic conception, has laid the Oriental and the environment along the highest philosophy.

Trend 2: landscape design, ecological art

In the present, landscape design should consider is not only the landscape is exquisite, the layout of the original, and considering the safety and practicability, must take care of ecological and environmental protection. For example, in the choice of trees, had better choose suitable for the southern soil climate tree species, at the same time pay attention not to buy some such as "five claw dragon" such "ecological killer". Within the garden water had better be running water, you can make your own cycle.

A period of time, people walked into a misunderstanding, a plant rare trees, buy very expensive stone in the gardens landscape, seem to spend the money, the more the more beautiful garden will be. In fact garden beauty and no rigid index to measure. Should with comfortable at home as the goal.

Trend 3: interior design office externalization, outdoor design office internalization

After all have courtyard garden family was just a few, now we can put the outdoor landscape and plants to move to indoor, so can let a person feel the natural breath. Modern landscape designers have to research an important problem is that, in the contemporary residence of indoor and outdoor (indoor fish pond, made well, roof garden, balcony, TOWNHOUSE before and after the garden) landscape gardening new method, make new interpretation, reflecting people living environment of natural appeal, is "the home has garden, in order to complete" and "interior design office externalization, outdoor design office internalization" concrete manifestation. Believe that this will be the future residential landscape of the development of a new trend.

Along with the people to the environment asks is ceaseless rise, garden landscape design and engineering industry also corresponding fast development, create a large number of people for love and admiration of the garden environment works. The overarching landscape can be roughly divided into five major factors:

Element 1: landscape terrain

Terrain is constitutes the garden skeleton, mainly including the ground, hills, mountains type etc. Terrain elements of the use and transformation, will affect the landscape form, construction layout, plant configuration, landscape effect, water supply and drainage engineering, microclimate factors. Water is composed of terrain in a indispensable part, water is the soul of the garden and water can be simply divided into static water and dynamic water two types. Still water including lake, pond, pond and other forms; Dynamic water mainly include river, stream, fountain and other forms; In addition, acoustic, reflection is also an important part of the landscape water.

Element 2: plant

The plant is in the garden there is life elements. Plant elements include trees and shrubs, climbing plants, flowers, grass, etc. The four seasons of plants landscape, itself form, color, smell is gardens theme. Garden plants and topography, water body, architecture, such as flying organic collocation, can form beautiful environment.

Nature is often animals and plants co-existence and co-prosperity between composition of biological ecological landscape, so garden plants in addition to consider factors outside, in conditions allow, animal landscape planning, such as fish, birds, etc for landscape graces.

Elements 3: garden buildings are often referred to as a scenic spot treatment, not only can be used to view, and can be landscape. Therefore, in addition to its use a function and aesthetic function. LouTaiTingGe, porch museum fully observed, after the architect clever conception, use design technique and technical processing, the function, the structure, artistic unity at an organic whole, become of primitive simplicity, and elegant architectural art. Its charm, from the dimension, shape, color, texture, etc, together with antique indoor decorate display and external environment harmonious and unified, more strengthened building beautiful artistic effect. Beautiful architecture, beautiful display, beautiful environment, relying on each other and enjoy the composition.

Element 4: square garden road

Garden road square in architecture, and the organic organization, for the formation of landscape form plays a decisive role. Garden road and square form can be rules, can also is natural, more can be free curve and flow line. Garden road and square system constitute the skeleton of the garden, and in the garden a traffic organization and guide line of action.

Element 5: facilities sketch

Facilities sketch is landscape environmental elements play a secondary function or adornment to adorn action part of, facilities sketch make garden landscape is more human and expressive force. Facilities sketch the general including entertainment rest sanitation facilities, fitness amusement facilities, indicating lighting facilities, botanical garden sculpture sketch, etc.

Garden landscape is through the artificial means, the use of environmental conditions and composition of landscape elements needed to made the landscape. The characteristics of Chinese landscape art is one of landscape creativity and the integration of engineering skills. To sum up including main feature and time (with) scene, suppression of scene and Yang scene, clamp scene and frame scene, prospect and background, the scene and inhibitory scene, imaging and virtual scene, close shot and borrow scene, the seasonal landscape, etc

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