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The Advantages Of The Thermal Insulation Treatment And Automatic Adjustment Of The Shallow Air Flotation

In the real life, the sewage will contain harmful substances, and then it should have filter treatment. However, in the process, these sewage can not meet the discharge standards. For the treatment of the pollutants with the density close to the water, the sewage treatment method of the shallow air flotation is designed.

The shallow air flotation in the operation is very simple. The equipment used is site installed and combined, the floor area is relatively small, and the weight is very light. The transportation is convenient, and the installation saves the time and effort. The equipment used in shallow air flotation has been unitary and blocking. The on-site assembly does not require very high technical requirements. It is easy to use after installation, and easy to maintain.

New materials are selected in the shallow air flotation process, which has very strong corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance. The shallow air flotation machine can be used for at least 20 years, and it has long life. This equipment is made of glass fiber reinforced plastic, carbon steel or stainless steel, which can withstand the erosion of various types of sewage. And the equipment does not need to use special house for storage, and does not need to do special insulation treatment. Therefore the effect of saving land is very significant.

In the treatment of sewage, the shallow air flotation will not produce any peculiar smell, and will not cause secondary pollution. The amount of sewage treatment can be adjusted automatically, and can be flexibly used for sewage treatment. Specific processing can be used in a single device, and can also be used in combination with multiple devices. The control unit and alarm device of the machine can ensure the safety of the equipment.

In the operation, the flow rate of the shallow air flotation is very low, without any impact on the water in the pool. It will not produce the muddy sundries in the static state. The utilization of dissolved gas is very high, because the high dissolved gas pipe is used, it will ensure the higher container rate, and also produce better air flotation effect, which is a obvious advantage. Because of this feature, it also attracted many consumers’ attention. In the use of the process, the resistance is very small, which can complete the work very smoothly, and can ensure the work speed. From this point of view, it is an efficient device.

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