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The Basic Principle Of The Air Flotation Technology

The flotation separation is to make the gas dissolve in the water extremely into the saturation state under certain pressure and conditions of air and water. Then make the formed pressurized dissolved water through the special device to release the pressure. The pressure energy can be converted into kinetic energy. The gas gets out of the bound of the hydrone gravitation and rapidly produces a large number of microbubbles, which fully contact with the suspended solids in the water ( after dosing the floc) . Under the action of the “net”, “involution” and“bridging” of the floc, the air bubbles and suspended solids form stable gas enclosure flocs, whose density is far less than water.

So the gas enclosure floc very quickly rises to the surface of water, and the  suspended solids are formed into the scum on the liquid level. Scrape and clena the scum, and the purpose of solid-liquid separation is realized. By using partial dissolved gas technology or air flotation equipment, the release pressure of the dissolved air water and the raw water mixture, the contact adhesion between microbubbles and suspended solids and the rising process of the carrier are all finished in the same container, that is, the mixed reaction and the separation reaction are completed in one pool in succession.

The effect of solid-liquid separation depends on the following three aspects:

1. The characteristics of the floc formed after adding suspended substance in water are hydrophilicity or hydrophobicity .

2. In the hybrid reaction, there are enough bubbles to contact with the floc. The ideal condition is that in the process of “growing up”, " copolymerization" of the flocs, the fine bubbles are added in time to form "gas enclosure flocs" which make the scum more stable.

3. In the separation reaction, the solid, gas and liquid mixture should have the appropriate residence time and stable flow pattern, so that the " gas enclosure flocs" float to the liquid level and form a scum. Controlling the flow pattern of liquid is one of the keys to the separation effect.

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