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The Classification,applicable Scope And Basic Conditions Of Air Flotation

Air flotation process need to meet certain basic conditions to provide enough amount of tiny air bubbles in water when making use .It can make pollutants in the waste water form a state of suspension, when during use can make bubbles and suspended material adhesion effect.Only have all these conditions above can help to complete air flotation process, and achieve the purpose of removing pollutants from water.

Classification and application of air flotation

1. Electrolysis air flotation:Run mainly by means of electrode in the process of solution, in two electrode area continuously produce the micro bubbles, such as hydrogen, oxygen and chlorine in the wastewater suspended particles adhere on the bubbles rise to the surface and be removed.The technology is simple, the equipment is small, but the electricity consumption is large.

2. Dispersed-air flotation:The air is distributed in the form of microporous diffusion device or microporous tube or impeller in the form of tiny bubbles in the process of air flotation in sewage.The main advantage is that it is easy to do.

3. Dissolved-air flotation:Including pressurized dissolved air flotation and dissolved air vacuum air flotation,The pressurized dissolved air flotation is the air what is dissolved in water under pressure and is precipitated out under normal pressure. dissolved air vacuum air flotation is the air what is dissolved in water under atmospheric pressure or pressure conditions and precipitated out under negative pressure conditions.

Application scope of air flotation:

1. Separation of suspension oil and emulsified oil.

2. The solid liquid separation can be carried out by the two sinks which can replace the activated sludge method.

3.Separation of useful substances from industrial waste water.

4. Separation of substances (such as metal ions, surface active substances, etc.) of molecules or ions.

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