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The Design Of Main Equipment Of Dissolved Air Flotation

A. The main characteristics of the dissolved releasing tank

1. The gas evolution is complete. About 99 % of the air solution volume can be released at more than 0.15 MPa.

2. It can work under the lower pressure. It can achieve good water purification effect at more than 0.2 MPa and save electricity consumption.

3. The bubble is fine, the average diameter of the bubble is 20 - 40μm. The bubble is dense and the adhesion is good.

B. Cost-effectiveness analysis

Because the precipitation method in the water purification process has been used for many years, people choose the air flotation naturally to compare with the precipitation method. In fact, the two methods have their own characteristics.  The light and easily floating impurities should use the dissolved air flotation.The dense heavy impurities should use the precipitation method.

For the floc formed through medicating and hybrid reaction, when the floating speed is faster than the precipitation, the air flotation is better. Because the air flotation covers a small area ( only 1/8 - 1/2 of the precipitation method ), the volume of the tank is small ( only 1/8 - 1/4 of the precipitation method ). The treated effluent water quality is good, not only the turbidity and SS is low, but also the dissolved oxygen is high. The water content of the discharged scum is much lower than the sludge discharged by the precipitation method. The general sludge volume ratio is 1/10 - 1/2, which brings great convenience to the further treatment and disposal of the sludge, and saves the cost.

Some waste water contains both settleable and floating impurities, the use of air flotation or precipitation alone is not ideal. At this point, the combination of precipitation and air flotation can play their respective advantages, which not only improve the treatment effect, but also save investment and operating costs.

The production practice shows that the air flotation tank is not only superior to the sedimentation tank in addition to color and turbidity, but also has the unique advantages in reducing the cod, lignin and oxygen extraction of polluted water. The cost is about 2 % lower than the horizontal sedimentation tank, tube settler, hydraulic power or mechanical accelerated clarifying basin, and the running cost is also slightly lower.

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