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The Electrolyzed Flotation And Advantages Of The Pressure Air Flotation

Use the electrolyzed flotation to electrolyze the waste water. At this time a large number of hydrogen bubbles generate on the cathode. The diameter of the hydrogen bubble is very small, only 20 ~ 100 microns. They play the role of aerofloat agent. The suspended particles in the waste water adhere to the hydrogen bubble, and then float up, so as to achieve the purpose of purifying the waste water. At the same time, the hydroxide formed on the anode plays the role of the coagulant, which helps to float or sink the sludge in the waste water.

The advantage of the electrolyzed flotation is that it can produce a large number of small bubbles. When the soluble anode is used, the air flotation process and the coagulation process are combined. The device is simple and is a new method of waste water purification.

This is a process that has emerged in the field of water treatment in recent years. This method has the advantages of simple equipment, convenient management, easy operation conditions, compact device, good effect and rapid development.

At present, the application of the pressure air flotation is the most wide. Compared to other methods, it has the following advantages:

1. At the pressurized condition, the solubility of air is large, the number of air bubbles used for air flotation is much, which can ensure the effect of air flotation.

2. The dissolved gas is released by sudden decompression, the resulting bubble is not only fine, but also has uniform particle size, large density and stable floating. The liquid disturbance is small, so it is especially suitable for the solid liquid separation of the loose flocculating constituent, and fine particles.

3. The process and equipment are relatively simple, easy to manage and maintain.

4. Especially the partial reflux type, the treatment effect is remarkable, stable, and can greatly save the energy.

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