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The Further Research And Development Of Air Flotation Water Purification

Although the air flotation water purification due to its unique advantages has made a growing display , but to give full play to its characteristics, it should also  be studied and developed according to the following three aspects.

1.The further micronization of the bubble

It is well known that under the equal release condition, the smaller the  microbubbles are, the more the number of bubbles is, the dense the bubbles are, the smaller the size of the particles is, the better the water purification effect is, and the more stable the scum formed is. Therefore, the study of the smaller bubble average diameter dissolved gas release is a way to improve the air flotation water purification technology. It can not only improve the removal effect of existing water purification objects, but also open up the application range of air flotation water purification.

2.Directly cutting gas to fabricate microbubbles

There are two problems in the water purification of pressure dissolved air flotation: the first is the relative energy consumption of the pressure dissolved gas. The second is the addition of dissolved air water to increase the hydraulic load in the floating pool, which brings difficulties to the separation. The ideal way to solve these two problems is to develop a gas distribution device that produces microbubbles directly, cutting the gas into a stable, fine, dense microbubble group, which greatly reduces the energy consumption and does not increase the volume of the air flotation tank. Although the direct gas distribution method is difficult, but it is the most attractive research direction.

3. The solid-liquid separation technology 

In order to improve the solid and liquid separation technology and give full play to the advantages of air flotation water purification, in addition to the above  further micronization of bubble and the use of direct gas distribution method, improving the solid-liquid separation effect is an important aspect.

4. How to properly solve the problem of adhesion fastness is also a problem which should be solved urgently

As a physical-chemical method method, air flotation is not only to improve the quality of air bubbles ( such as fine degree, density, stability, etc. ), but also to improve the performance of flocs. If we can get the flocs with high adsorbability , it will greatly help improve the effect of the air flotation water purification. Therefore, the study of the flocculant agent and coagulant aid for air supply is also an urgent problem.

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