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The Purpose, Structure And Characteristics Of The Mud Scraper

The mud scraper is mainly used in municipal wastewater treatment plants and water works, and in the large circular sedimentation tank in the treatment of industrial waste water.The purpose of the mud scraper is to remove the sludge from the bottom of the pool and remove the scum from the surface.

The structure of the mud scraper consists of the driving device, the work bridge and its main scraping device and auxiliary scraping device.The equipment has central rotating disk and skimming device, which also includes overflow weir plate and slag baffle plate and its collector device.

Mud scraper is itself to adapt to the characteristics of the performance is better, because is the form of logarithmic spiral curve, and the roller supporting walking along the bottom, scraping mud effect is better, which is to be able to appear to the requirement of the bottom is lower.In addition to the main mud scraper installation, there is a unique auxiliary mud scraper, which makes the half-bridge mud scraper the effect of the whole bridge scraper.

The work bridge of the mud scraper adopts truss structure, and the steel grid is laid directly on the deck, which is high in strength and light in weight.In addition, its driving wheel is a solid rubber wheel, which does not need track. The structure is simple and easy to install.

Finally, the underwater parts of the mud scraper will be made of stainless steel, and the water parts will also be made of carbon steel and will be hot dip galvanized.The corrosion resistance of the mud scraper will also be good, the service life will be long, and generally do not need to be maintained.

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