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DAF Separator For Sewage Treatment System

DAF Separator For Sewage Treatment System


Product Details

The catering grease interceptor is a kind of oily sewage discharge filter which combines gravity method, biochemical method and mechanical gap filtration, and has strong processing capacity and high separation efficiency.

Product process

First, the oily sewage enters the regulating bucket, and the water flow tends to be stable in the container. The water flow tends to stabilize. The dispersed oil and scum in the water quickly rise to the surface of the water. The larger particles sink into the bottom of the bucket. through the separator and the water outlet, the water flow through each filter chip passes through the inlet holes of the filter to enter the cofferdam sedimentation area. Because of the unique increasing surface area of the filter element and the structural design and lipophilicity materials of the length of the cofferdam, the water flow through the filter element is very slow and contact with the microorganism growing on the surface of the filter chip. The microorganism will adsorb the fine particles - organic matter contained in the waste water by the decomposition and adsorption of the organic matter. At the same time, the small gap between the chip can block the passage of the particles, and then the sewage from each chip overflow to the longitudinal outlet channel, finally from the longitudinal outlet channel through the filter outlet outflow. The effluent quality can not only remove the dirty oil and sediment, but also isolate the fine particles of oil, and degrade the organic components in the water by the biological bacteria, so the oil (FOG), total suspended particles (TSS) and chemical oxygen demand (COD) in the effluent are greatly reduced.


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