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Sewage Treatment Device

Sewage Treatment Device


Product Details


1. High removal efficiency. YM-type unpowered catering grease interceptor is combined with three ways to strengthen the sewage treatment, improve the

effluent quality, which can really meet the national requirements of emission standards.

2. Unique structure and new design new, out of the traditional structure and import the new design ideas, reflecting the leading position in similar products.

3. The structure is simple and reliable, the production cost and the use cost is low. YM-type has been used in foreign countries for more than ten years, which is very stable and reliable. It has a market share of 70 % in the United States. At home, the price of the product is much lower than the price of the gas. For the majority of small and medium-sized restaurants, fast food chain stores accepted, as a replacement of the civil oil tank high energy new products.

4. Small occupation area, convenient construction, the whole earthwork project is about 2m3 and the project cost is low.

5.Each YM-type unpowered catering grease interceptor has the annunciator. When the filter element needs to be cleaned, it will automatically alarm, reminding customers to do random management and maintenance to bring convenience to users.

6. No energy consumption, no consumables, the use cost is very low, only do the simple maintenance for the product according to the description.

7. The relative concentration of floating oil and sediment is easy to collect and clear, creating conditions for the formation of high efficiency, enterprise type and centralized waste collection in the future.


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